Antonio Sabato Jr. Is No Bret Michaels

by Angel Cohn August 17, 2009 3:37 pm
Antonio Sabato Jr. Is No Bret Michaels

So it's not a big secret that my biggest guilty pleasure is Rock of Love. It's not just the insanely over the top drunken antics and really slutty girls that make this show so addictive, but it is also Bret himself. There's something oddly intriguing about the way he makes every girl, no matter if she's just puked her brains out or has spent the evening curled up with speed bump, feel like she's special. He's sort of a sweetheart underneath the fake hair, the gross bandanna and the rocker image. I was hoping that Antonio Sabato Jr.'s new show My Antonio would be similar to Rock of Love and fill that disease ridden void in my TV diet, but alas, it doesn't measure up. I worked up this little side-by-side comparison to prove my point.



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