Parks & Recreation: Everything Old Is New Again

by Angel Cohn January 17, 2014 10:20 am
<I>Parks & Recreation</I>: Everything Old Is New Again

You know that feeling you get on vacation when you wish you didn't have to come back home? I wish that we were still in Paris traipsing around with Ben and Leslie, eating unpasteurized cheeses and looking at famous spots from movies. Instead, "New Beginnings" brought us back to Indiana and back to work for Leslie. The episode dragged -- a lot. With far too much set-up for how Leslie has outgrown her position at the Parks department, Ben adjusting to his Jekyll and Hyde role as City Manager and Chris and Ann getting… not married but locketed, it all just felt a little bit forced and off pace. And aside from a few laughs (courtesy of Ben Wyatt and Ron Swanson), I spent most of the episode feeling really uncomfortable and wishing I could fast-forward to next week. I'm not even sure I can do best lines this week, since most of the stuff that actually cracked me up were visual gags.



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