Charlie’s Angels: Fall’s Most Mediocre New Drama

by Angel Cohn September 23, 2011 6:00 am
<I>Charlie’s Angels</I>: Fall’s Most Mediocre New Drama

ABC's new Charlie's Angels isn't the worst remake that we've ever seen (we're still leaning towards Knight Rider for that dishonor), it's not exactly what you'd call Emmy-bait (though it isn't trying to be), it doesn't have the most attractive cast on TV (Vampire Diaries probably wins that one) and it definitely doesn't have the most kick-ass girl action scenes (we tip our hat to Nikita ), but with all that said, it's not the worst show to premiere this fall. It isn't even that bad when all is said and done. It's just that it falls in the unfortunate position of being average -- not great, not appallingly awful, just there. And unless it garners some Big Bang Theory-style ratings, it probably won't be there for long.



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