Camp: What We Learned From This Summer’s Weirdest Show

by Ethan Alter September 12, 2013 11:08 am
<i>Camp</i>: What We Learned From This Summer’s Weirdest Show

Looking back, we're not sure quite why we willingly enrolled at the Little Otter Family Camp, the bucolic setting of NBC's Camp, for the duration of this summer. From the pilot episode on, the show was consistently terrible -- a bizarre confection of soap opera, teen (and grown-up) sex comedy and flat-out "Huh?" plot developments. And yet, we kept watching anyway, if only to see just how much worse things could possibly get, not unlike the way we stayed glued to our sets during the epic crash of NBC's winter bomb, Smash. After ten weeks, Camp closed its doors -- likely for good -- with last night's appropriately weird finale, which involved, among other things, a counselor's mother getting thrown in a foreign prison for drug smuggling, the abusive aunt who almost took her in, a porny hot dog eating contest, several "should I stay or should I go?" life decisions and an inter-camp Olympics that greatly suffered from the lack of a Bill Murray cameo. Even after spending the warm weather months embedded at Little Otter, we're still not sure we understand the rules of the place (or the show, for that matter), but here are the various do's and don'ts we picked up during our time at NBC's version of summer camp.

Camp: Where the Fun Never Starts

by Angel Cohn July 11, 2013 5:00 am
<I>Camp</i>: Where the Fun Never Starts

We had some high hopes for this summer camp-set series, given how much we love the movies Camp (no relation), Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer, but honestly, after seeing a couple advance episodes of this show, we'd rather be watching reruns of Salute Your Shorts.



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