Double Your Top Chef Rip-Offs, Double Your Fun

by Mindy Monez August 7, 2008 11:48 am
Double Your <I>Top Chef</I> Rip-Offs, Double Your Fun If by "fun" you mean, "copyright infringement." And I know you do, you thievin' thieves! Anyway, the peeps over at the Food Network apparently had some meetings where they decided The Next Food Network Star isn't nearly blatant enough, because they've put out a casting call for a new competitive cooking show. It's basically Top Chef with fewer contestants and likely no Tom Colicchio hotness (don't judge me!).

"Food Network is currently casting for a new cooking competition series and is looking for professional chefs, who want to test their culinary skills against those of their peers. Four competitors will race against the clock; their food judged on taste, creativity, and presentation by the experts. Three are eliminated along the way, and only one remains the ultimate winner."



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