Is There Any Hope for Weeds Season 8?

by Rachel Stein July 2, 2012 6:00 am
Is There Any Hope for <i>Weeds</i> Season 8?

I think I was so angry after watching the Season 7 finale of Weeds that I missed a few plot points that set up this season... or maybe I hated them so much, I wanted to just reimagine them. It's hard to tell. But now that the show is back for an eighth and final installment, the "should that have been the series finale?" predicament is over and we're left with a final 13 episodes to close out the series. Much as I'm hoping Weeds goes out on a high note, there were definitely moments in last night's "Messy" that made me think that Jenji Kohan could finish the show either way. As it stands now, there are solid reasons on both sides on the coin for whether or not Weeds will go out gracefully:

Weeds: The Worst Things About the Series Finale

by Rachel Stein September 17, 2012 11:23 am
<i>Weeds</i>: The Worst Things About the Series Finale

This really wasn't a terrible season of Weeds. Yes, the eighth and final installment followed the same pattern every season before it did -- immediate chaos following the previous finale, a new place, relative stability for the gang, utter batshit insanity and then the illusion of character development that eventually reveals itself as a temporary mood change -- but the drama in Old Sandwich was fun. I really enjoyed the stuff with Tim Scottson, Jill and Andy turned out to have a lot of believable chemistry, the Earth didn't collapse onto Silas, Nancy didn't totally ruin everything and Shane... well, Shane had that cute girlfriend and some fun with crooked cops. Doug wasn't even in it that much. Really, not bad for this show!



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