Weeds: The Worst Things About the Series Finale

by Rachel Stein September 17, 2012 11:23 am
<i>Weeds</i>: The Worst Things About the Series Finale

This really wasn't a terrible season of Weeds. Yes, the eighth and final installment followed the same pattern every season before it did -- immediate chaos following the previous finale, a new place, relative stability for the gang, utter batshit insanity and then the illusion of character development that eventually reveals itself as a temporary mood change -- but the drama in Old Sandwich was fun. I really enjoyed the stuff with Tim Scottson, Jill and Andy turned out to have a lot of believable chemistry, the Earth didn't collapse onto Silas, Nancy didn't totally ruin everything and Shane... well, Shane had that cute girlfriend and some fun with crooked cops. Doug wasn't even in it that much. Really, not bad for this show!

Weeds: Why It Would Suck If This Were the Series Finale

by Rachel Stein September 27, 2011 10:59 am
<i>Weeds</i>: Why It Would Suck If This Were the Series Finale

I'm not sure how many there are of us left, but I know I can't be the only person who has faithfully watched Weeds from day one up until last night's season -- and possibly series, if Showtime doesn't renew -- finale. Even if you haven't seen the series completely through, the fact that you made it through this season is frankly pretty impressive. It's had its high points (everything with Pouncy House, Shane's story arc, shreds of Andy growing up, even some Doug moments) and serious lows (Nancy never ever changing ever, Silas constantly pouting, the whole Stevie thing, as if we're supposed to give a shit), but if what we saw in the final moment of "Do Her/Don't Do Her" truly was the close to seven long seasons of seeing the rise and fall and rise and fall and several more rounds of both of Nancy Botwin... well then I would be sorely disappointed, for more reasons than one.



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