1600 Penn: The Shtick House

by Rachel Stein December 18, 2012 6:00 am
<i>1600 Penn</i>: The Shtick House

Considering the strength of its cast, there's no excuse for how terrible NBC's 1600 Penn pilot is. I get that Jenna Elfman can be absolutely grating to some, but even then, there's Bill Pullman, Book of Mormon's Josh Gad, Martha MacIsaac (playing essentially the same role she had in Superbad, which I'll get back to in a second) and The Descendants' Amara Miller. The series was also created by Gad as well as President Obama's former speechwriter Jon Lovett, and is directed by Modern Family's Jason Winer, making it all the more confusing that the first episode was just so stinking bad.



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