The Beautiful Life: The Best and Worst Models Turned Actresses

by Zach Oat September 11, 2009 11:59 am
<i>The Beautiful Life</i>: The Best and Worst Models Turned Actresses

Many, many actresses get their start in the modeling world. Some have a talent for acting early on and only use modeling as a stepping stone, but others are simply born to look pretty, and seem to only move on to acting because they'll make more money, and because they can do it past the age of 23. In the new series The Beautiful Life, The CW looks at the seamy side of modeling, and as a nod to one of the greats, has cast former supermodel Elle "The Body" Macpherson as the head of a modeling agency. Unfortunately, while it's great to see her again, we're not sure that that was the best casting decision. We looked at the massive list of actresses who used to be models and picked the five best working actresses today and the five worst. They're all gorgeous, of course, and we respect them for excelling in one career, let alone two, but the truth is, some need to stick to simply being beautiful.



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