I Confeyuss!!! I'm Obsessed With Kristen Wiig's Kyra Sedgwick Impression Last Saturday's SNL wasn't that great an episode overall, but one sketch, a parody of The Closer called The Looker starring Penny Marshall as interrogator, was very funny by itself, but it was its intro that was so amazing it has kind of taken over my life a little bit. It featured Kristen Wiig as Kyra Sedgwick, screaming "Confeyuss!!!" a couple times at a perp in that inexplicable Southern accent she does on the show that Angel is always complaining to me about, and I just can't stop saying it. I say it to everyone I know. I say it to inanimate objects. I'm probably going to start saying it to strangers soon. Last night I cracked the case of who in my building was stealing my wireless and clogging the hell out of my bandwidth and I, in all complete seriousness, considered pounding on their door and laying into them with "Confeyuss!!!" for 43 minutes and calling it a TNT series. That's how incredible this intro was. Clip after the jump.



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