<i>Rake</i>: If <i>House</i> Went to Law School and Somehow Became Less Likable

Remember when the television golden age of the male anti-hero died along with Walter White? Remember how troubled leading men like Ray Donovan paled in comparison to the likes of Don Draper? Television seems hellbent on creating yet another so-good-he's-bad guy, despite the fact that, a) It has been perfected (see: above), and b) audiences are craving something new. Yet, they still insist on cranking out filler like Rake.

Rake and Other Shows with Vague, Deceptive Titles

by Aly Semigran January 21, 2014 12:39 pm
<i>Rake</i> and Other Shows with Vague, Deceptive Titles

Despite what the title suggests, Rake the new Greg Kinnear show on Fox, is not about a rake or even a series of ill-placed rakes.. Heck, the name of Kinnear's character -- a lawyer with a bad boy attitude -- isn't even something like Rake Rexington, which is really too bad because then I'd be more inclined to watch this show. (His character's name is actually Keegan Deane… BORING.) Instead, the title here presumably refers to the "rakehell" characterization in literature ("An immoral or dissolute person"? Check!), as well as the term "rake" in poker (you see, the guy also gambles in this show). Sorry to bum you out, leaf-raking enthusiast, it looks like you'll have to wait a little bit longer. But don't feel bad about being duped by the vague title, because over the past few years that's become something of a trend on television. We've picked a few shows (including some upcoming new ones designed to trick us) with vague, deceptive titles, what they really meant, and what we actually want them to mean.

Saturday Night Live: The Best and Worst of Drake

by Aly Semigran January 20, 2014 10:13 am
<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: The Best and Worst of Drake

If Drake's New Year's resolution was to serve double duty as host and musical guest for the first episode of Saturday Night Live of 2014 and set the bar so high for the rest of the year for any other hosts/musical guests, well then he definitely hit his goal by January 18, 2014. Mazel Tov, Dracob! Drake was not only willing to poke fun at himself and acknowledge his humble beginnings on Degrassi, but the music star gave it all whether he was performing his own songs or being the best part of just about every sketch he appeared in (like when he fit in effortlessly to "Mornin' Miami" or was the saving grace of "Poetry Teacher.") It may be a little too early to tell fellow charming song-and-dance man Justin Timberlake to step aside, but Drake's presence feels fresh and funny and honestly I wouldn't mind seeing him back again…and again…and again. Here, now, is the best and worst of Drake's SNL:

Number One Guy: Jonathan Frakes Helms <i>Leverage</i>, Talks <i>Star Trek</i>

After almost 20 years playing Commander Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation and its assorted spin-offs, Jonathan Frakes got used to being called "Number One." But it was while still on TNG that he took that nickname a step further, taking the helm as the director of several episodes and parlaying that into a successful directing career. With several Trek series, two Trek movies and two Librarian TV-movies under his belt, he recently took on two episodes of the new TNT series Leverage, and this week's episode guest-stars three of his old buddies from the Trek set. We talked to Commander Frakes about J.J. Abrams' new time-warping take on Trek, his mission to Mexico City to direct a Lost-esque series for Fox, and why he wants to be promoted to Captain... America.

<i>Saturday Night Live</i>: 5 Sketches That Were Funnier Than <i>What’s Your Number?</i>

Any Anna Faris fan who saw What's Your Number? (or didn't because of its terrible reviews) and watched Saturday Night Live this weekend probably went into the show with the hope that it wouldn't suck -- after all, we don't just like her in vain, right? I personally got affirmation watching the episode, and laughed more than I have at SNL in a while. That's not to say a few sketches failed from a sore lack of editing (looking at you, "Wyndemere" and "GOP Debate II"), but all in all, the episode was a relieving surprise. In the spirit of Ms. Faris, here at the sketches that delivered more laughs than her entire last movie did.



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