Someone At CBS Finally Wised Up

by Angel Cohn July 28, 2008 3:55 pm
Someone At CBS Finally Wised Up

CBS has been making some smart decisions this week. That person should get a raise. First, they decided to move the not-skeezy-enough-but-still-kind-of-icky Swingtown off to Friday nights, while giving the higher rated Flashpoint a plum spot on Thursday nights. This makes sense, as Flashpoint is a much better fit for the crowded used to watching a procedural like Without a Trace in the post-CSI berth on Thursdays. But then presumably the same scheduling genius decided to movie Big Brother's live evictions back to their rightful home on Thursdays at 8. I'm so happy about this I could do a little dance in my office... but for the sake of those around me I won't. Now if they could just move the Sunday night show back to Saturday, all would be right with the world.



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