Fox Upfront 2012: If All Else Fails, They Still Have Zooey Deschanel

The Fox upfront presentation began with a pre-taped bit about the cast of New Girl interviewing for a new roommate, and their options were Fox stars ranging from Mr. Schue to Walter to the kid from Touch. Oh, and Emily Deschanel, because they couldn't resist making a sister joke. It was cute and the highlight of the network's hour-long presentation, for sure. Most of the rest focused on clips from this season of New Girl, a live awkward bit of banter between Zooey and Mindy Kaling about who is the most adorkable Fox star of them all, and Ryan Seacrest being Ryan Seacresty. They also made a big deal about The X-Factor and officially introduced new judges Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, while making a couple of digs at The Voice. I suppose they had to fill the time somehow, because aside from talking about some new random animation domination HD thing that's going to air in the dead of Saturday night (11 PM-12:30 AM), and referencing baseball as much as they could, there really wasn't a lot of new stuff to show off. But here's what we thought of the new programs they did preview:

Fox: Running Wild With Felicity and Spielberg

by Angel Cohn May 17, 2010 6:50 pm
Fox: Running Wild With Felicity and Spielberg

Fox's 2010-11 upfront presentation was a bit shorter than NBC's earlier today, but still just as tediously dull. After parading out the Fox talent and then letting Hugh Laurie act all appreciative, two bigwigs talked a lot about how people still watch TV and not just on the computer (yes, because couches are more comfortable than computer chairs). We were shown charts and graphs and heard talk of something called a "purchase funnel." Seriously dizzying. The event didn't really get interesting until Jane Lynch came out as Sue Sylvester and started making fun of Fox president of entertainment Kevin Reilly by poking fun at his weatherman looks and hair: "Last time I saw something that sweet and sticky it came with a free coffee and had jelly inside." After all that, it turned out that the network didn't have much new to show us... at least not for the fall (check the full calendar here). Still, some of what we did get to see definitely had promise.



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