The 8 Most Shocking 24 Deaths Ever

by Mindy Monez March 10, 2009 2:20 pm
The 8 Most Shocking <i>24</i> Deaths Ever After spending the hours since last night's 24 mourning the tragic passing of my beloved silver fox Bill Buchanan, I got to thinking about the other 24 deaths that have made my jaw drop over the years. I'm counting Bill as the first one because it's the most recent, plus I had to limit these to major to majorish characters or we'd be here all day. While it was very sad that girlfriend Debbie drank poison tea on Day 4 and that that kid's dad got sent to nuclear bomb junction by Kumar on Day 6, deaths like that aren't on here because of my short attention span. You understand. And, one last time before we begin: R.I.P. Bill -- no one could work a mock turtleneck quite like you.



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