Big Brother: The Anticlimactic Ending to a Really Boring Season

by Angel Cohn September 16, 2009 9:07 am
<i>Big Brother</I>: The Anticlimactic Ending to a Really Boring Season

So Jordan won. Which was really no surprise to anyone, except maybe Jordan herself. But then again, everything surprised Jordan. You probably could have told her that Julie was a robot and she would have believed it. She won the show purely by dumb luck, which sounds mean, but is true. She claimed that her best strategic move in the game was winning the final HoH, but she won both stages of the competition by chance. She rolled the balls into the right holes better than Natalie, but everyone is a better competitor than Natalie, and then she basically wrote a random number on a chalkboard and won her spot in the final two. I can't even pretend to think that she actually calculated how many votes to evict were cast during the course of the season. She is not a math genius, or any kind of genius.



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