<I>Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark</I>: The 15 Most Egregiously Awful Things About The Broadway Production

As an avid Broadway theatergoer, I've seen more than my share of terrible productions that I'd like to forget, or wish that I'd walked out of. Dance of the Vampires was always my go-to for the worst thing I'd ever had the displeasure of sitting through ... until I recently saw Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. I'd read the heaps of stories about how awful it was, the troubles with the production, the multiple injuries, the firing of the director, etc. but I still didn't think that it could possibly be as bad as all that. I mean, in Dance, Michael Crawford belted "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and the townsfolk sang a song about garlic. And yet Spider-Man fell below my incredibly lowered expectations in completely surprising ways. Since the producers have hired a new creative team to work on the show (including scaling back on the villainess Arachne and axing the geek chorus) before its supposed June opening, I'm glad I got to witness Julie Taymor's version for the spiderfreude if nothing else. But is there a chance in hell that his show can be saved? The new team has its work cut out for it, judging by the below issues.



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