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<i>Lost</i> Characters We Want to See on Other Shows

It seems like the entire cast of Battlestar Galactica has guest-starred on one show or another, so when we heard that Naveen Andrews -- who plays Sayid Jarrah on Lost -- would be making a guest appearance on Law & Order: SVU in January, we were psyched. After all, the Losties don't do a lot of guest spots, what with filming in Hawaii and all, and we're still not sure exactly when in 2010 Lost's final season will premiere, so we'll be happy to see Andrews on TV a little early. Unfortunately, since we don't know what role he'll be playing, we're just imagining Sayid talking to Benson and Stabler, which totally works for us. Since we miss all of the other Lost cast members equally once the show signs off, we came up with a list of shows we'd love to see their characters guest-star on. Why should BSG have all the fun?

Hugo "Hurley" Reyes on The Big Bang Theory
Hurley is a total geek, using Back to the Future as a model to try and understand time travel, and writing a script for a Star Wars sequel when he finds himself stranded in 1977. Watching the four nerds of Big Bang Theory try to explain complex scientific principles to him using their common language of science fiction movies could make for a half-hour of hilarity.

James "Sawyer" Ford on True Blood
Sawyer's Southern drawl and smoldering good looks would make him right at home among the Louisiana vampires of True Blood. Maybe he could be play Eric Northman's long-lost viking brother, and the two could have a hair flip-off on the dance floor at Fangtasia.

Kate Austen on Sons of Anarchy
When the mysterious Kate rolls into Charming looking for a job, she tries to parlay her experience working in the Dharma Initiative's motor pool into a job at Teller-Morrow Automotive. Jax takes a shine to her, which leads to a brawl between Tara and Kate in the parking lot. All of SAMCRO turns out to watch, and some of them place bets.

Jack Shephard on Grey's Anatomy
Hmm. Where can a doctor who cries a lot go to feel like he belongs, and not be judged for weeping constantly and having daddy issues? Welcome to Seattle Grace Hospital, Jack. Your new nickname is McWeepy.

Charlie Pace on Glee
When Glee Club leader Will Schuester is committed because he can't stop talking about "mash-ups," a substitute is brought in, one who was an original member of the late '90s/ early 2000s band DriveSHAFT. After successfully teaching them how to sing "You All Everybody," he has exhausted his musical knowledge, and decides to move on.

John Locke on FlashForward
In a world where everyone is wondering why they were given a glimpse of the future, and what it all means, Locke has just enough blind faith and cryptically-worded statements to give them hope, which makes him a powerful spiritual figure among the lost and the frightened.

Richard Alpert on Mad Men
Seeming to never age, Alpert has probably had a lot of great ideas in his centuries on Earth, so we can only imagine that at some point in the 1960s, he found himself at the ad agency Sterling Cooper, pitching Don Draper and his team a new type of eyeliner for men.

Benjamin Linus on 24
We know that Ben Linus can take a beating, having seen him survive a gunshot wound, an interrogation by Sayid, spinal surgery and a plane crash, and he seems to spend half of his screen time covered in cuts and bruises. We'd be curious to see if Jack Bauer could get any information out of him, if the clock was ticking. Smart money says Ben talks Jack into working for him before the questioning even starts.

Desmond Hume on Fringe
Of all the characters on Lost, Desmond has some of the strangest abilities. Not only can he predict when somebody is going to die, he also seems able to bounce around in time, his consciousness traveling from one place and time to another. Given that these abilities were caused by strange scientific experiments, we think the FBI's Fringe team would be very interested in him.

Sun and Jin Kwon on Desperate Housewives
Has there ever been an Asian couple on Wisteria Lane? We don't think so, and we can't think of any couple that has more secrets and lies between them than his one. Between Sun's affair and Jin's secret life as a mob enforcer, these two could spawn a whole season's worth of plotlines.




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