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The Carrie Diaries: Who Should Play Younger Versions of Other Sex and the City Characters?

The CW recently revealed that Lindsey Gort (boy, that's a tough name to pull off) will play the young version of Samantha Jones, who was famous on Sex and the City for her super sexual, anything goes outlook.

Post Modern Family: What Would Happen If All the Parents Left?

After some renegotiation snafus, the adult stars of Modern Family are filing suit to void their contracts. While some may think that without Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet, Sofia Vergara and Ed O'Neill, the show could not exist, we find it easy to imagine Modern Family without the primary parents. In fact, there's many different ways to write around their characters:

Other Networks That Need Live Topical Talk Shows

With news that AMC is planning to do a Watch What Happens Live-type talk show, we're thinking that more networks should be cashing in on this low-budget, highly-entertaining type of exclusive entertainment. Taking a page from Andy Cohen, who drove his Bravo behind-the-scenes series to success, here's how other networks could run their WHW-style shows.

The World According to… Anyone But Paris

by Sophia Wetlaufer June 1, 2011 1:33 pm
The World According to… Anyone But Paris

We're not sure that anyone actually demanded an inside look at Paris Hilton's life, but nevertheless, Oxygen is rolling out The World According to Paris this week. To be honest, we'll probably tune in only because we think she's strangely fascinating and, whether you like it or not, extremely talented in the art of self-promotion (for example: a show called The World According to Paris airing on Oxygen). But with that said, there are plenty of other celebrities that we would've rather seen as the focus of a series like this. Here's just a few:

Who Should Be on Project Runway‘s All-Star Season?

Is there anything on earth more exciting than an all-star season of a reality competition show? Obviously not: The Amazing Race is just finishing one, Top Model is doing one, Top Chef just did one, and now, for the first time ever, Project Runway is solving their casting problems by doing one, too. So, assuming past winners are ineligible (which means no Christian Siriano or hate-fueling Jeffrey Sebelia, unfortunately), who should come back? Here's our wish list:

Reality Mash-Ups Even Better Than Jake Pavelka, Heidi Montag and Danielle Staub

In a terrifying display, The Bachelor's Jake Pavelka, The Hills' Heidi Montag and The Real Housewives of New Jersey's Danielle Staub were spotted filming a reality show of some kind together recently. Even if this project never finds a network and nothing comes of it, the way the media has run with the photos of them together is no doubt just going to encourage other famewhores to try to join forces for similarly unholy super shows. I'd watch almost any of them that came into fruition, but I'd enthusiastically watch these match-ups in particular.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is Coming to Your TV, But Is He Available for Guest Roles?

Get ready for excitement, Arnold Schwarzenegger fans -- the former Governator has been teasing his return to movies since before he left office, and now it's been announced that his next project will be... a TV show? Details will be revealed at the MIPTV conference on April 4, but Ahnuld's representatives have said it will be an "international TV series." Whether that means it will be sold in international markets or that Ah-nuld's character will travel to exotic locales around the world to shoot people in the face remains to be seen, but it totally makes us rethink his comeback. Can TV screens possibly contain the power of Arnold Schwarzenegger? If so, there are some other TV shows we'd like him to guest-star on before his new series gets underway.

Shows NFL Stars Should Join in Lieu of a Football Season Next Fall

With the NFL labor dispute going from bad to worse on Friday with Tom Brady vs. the NFL being filed (and several other players filing suit shortly after), we have to consider the possibility of a shortened or even non-existent (not likely, but not impossible, either) pro football season come fall. If that happens, what will the star players and coaches do with all that free time? Relax? Spend time with their families? Lounge poolside and count their money? Probably, but on the off-chance that they want to keep their profiles elevated without getting arrested for something, they could also guest-star on these appropriate TV shows.

Reality Shows We’d Rather see Boston Rob and Russell on Than Survivor

Does this season of Survivor feel familiar? Well, it may be because cast member Russell Hantz has already appeared in two of the last three seasons of the show, and "Boston Rob" Mariano is currently enjoying a record fourth season, having first appeared back in Season 4. And while we understand the show's desire to capitalize on their popularity (as well have some sort of continuity on a show that changes its cast every season), we're actually getting a little tired of their antics -- in this context, at least. Why not put these two on other reality shows, where they can put their skills and abilities to use achieving goals other than social gameplaying? We've got some suggestions for "R&R."

Ridiculous Movie Reunions We'd Like to See on TV

by Mindy Monez January 31, 2011 4:26 pm
Ridiculous Movie Reunions We'd Like to See on TV

Exciting Office news came down the pike last week, when it was announced that Will Ferrell will guest star on the show towards the end of this season, to aid with Michael Scott's exit in some yet-to-be-revealed way. Not being satisfied with the enormity of that news and taking a cue from NBC's press release, some people started trumping it up as an Anchorman reunion. Which is a little silly considering that just about any two male comedic actors doing anything together would probably constitute an Anchorman reunion, and that Steve Carell had a pretty small role -- albeit a memorable and awesome one -- in Anchorman. Which got us thinking about all the stuntcasting possibilities that could spawn even less warranted epic reunion claims.



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