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Fun in the Suburbs (Never Thought We'd Be Saying That) There are many that are lamenting the cancellation of Miss/Guided. I am not one of them. In fact, while I am adore Judy Greer, the series got on my nerves towards the end and I couldn't even finish watching the cringe-worthy musical episode. It literally made me groan in pain. That's never a good sign and Judy's so much better than that. I am clearly not the only one who thinks so. The perky often sidekick has landed a sweet new day job on Barry Sonnenfeld's HBO pilot Suburban Shootout, which is sort of like Desperate Housewives but, you know, funny... hopefully. According to the description, Judy finds herself caught in between "two rival gangs of homicidal housewives." Which I imagine might go something like this:

The Stepford Wives vs.. the Desperate Housewives: Bree thinks she's got this one in the bag as her three loyal amigos are at her side, but turns out that Katherine has been a robot all along and has been trying to infiltrate the Wisteria Lane gang in order to get information on how to make the perfect muffin basket. When Bree finds out she goes nuts and kills Katherine and hides her in the basement (actually... that could happen on Housewives. Lets not give them any ideas).

Martha fans vs. Oprah fans: The Martha devotees run wild with their scissors and perfectly folded t-shirts showing off their well-manicured lawns. The Oprah fans just get annoyed by all the fake perfection and constantly toss their old book club books at them and when things get really wild, they run over the Martha cult members with their free cars.

Carmela Soprano vs. Monica Gellar Bing: Since Tony took off running with David Chase for greener pastures leaving us all with unanswered questions, Carmela's been heading up a group of local cougars in New Jersey who are on the prowl for men with mysterious jobs. Monica Gellar (now Bing) who has been so obsessed with her kids that she's failed to notice that Chandler has become easy prey for the older ladies. So she and her loyal friends go into a tizzy baking Pheobe's famous cookies with a little bit of arsenic in them and invites the mafia queen and co. over for a deadly bridge night.

Starbuck vs. Six: Having found Earth and created a new human/cylon treaty, Six and Starbuck move in to the same block in the 'burbs of Atlanta (they like the heat) and try and peacefully co-exist. All is going along fine until all of Six's "family" moves in and the thousands of identical Cylon models party with Baltar until all hours of the night. Then Starbuck goes over there and shoots her ass with a blaster that she kept for just this occasion. But when Six regenerates she's all pissed and threatens to nuke the whole planet and chaos ensues sending Starbuck on the hunt for a new realtor.

Mrs. Brady vs. Nancy Botwin:Nancy's pissed off when she discovers that Greg and Bobby have gotten into her pot stash and didn't pay. So she and Celia confront Mrs. Brady, which is all well and good, but Mrs. Brady tries to serve them all a fresh baked pie that Alice just whipped up. When Carol's sweets fail to sweet talk the business woman, Alice calls in her beau Sam the butcher for a bit of help to whack the duo (what, you didn't think he was actually just a butcher, did you?)

In all of the above cases, Judy Greer watches the events unfold from her window and most often finds herself being offered pastries and desserts to pick a side. And Judy will offer up some witty commentary on the happenings and try and be all above it, but will crack when she accidentally eats some of Nancy's pot brownies and gets the munchies and goes on a mad dash eating Monica's cookies and Bree's muffins like mad.




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