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Reality Shows We’d Rather see Boston Rob and Russell on Than <i>Survivor</i>

Does this season of Survivor feel familiar? Well, it may be because cast member Russell Hantz has already appeared in two of the last three seasons of the show, and "Boston Rob" Mariano is currently enjoying a record fourth season, having first appeared back in Season 4. And while we understand the show's desire to capitalize on their popularity (as well have some sort of continuity on a show that changes its cast every season), we're actually getting a little tired of their antics -- in this context, at least. Why not put these two on other reality shows, where they can put their skills and abilities to use achieving goals other than social gameplaying? We've got some suggestions for "R&R."

Top Chef
Russell established himself as a bad guy by throwing a teammate's socks in the fire, and while we can't imagine they cooked up very well, he and Boston Rob certainly learned a lot about cooking with limited ingredients while on Survivor. They wouldn't stand a chance as competitors, but they might be good judges for a reward challenge, where the cheftestants have to cook a dish using only chicken, rice, coconuts and bananas. (Socks can be used as a garnish only.)

The Amazing Race
Boston Rob has already been on this show -- twice! -- with his fiancée and later wife Amber, but wouldn't it be much more fun to have Rob and Russell in a car together? Both will do whatever it takes to get ahead, and the passive-aggressive bickering on long drives would be priceless. Plus, there's a good chance Russell will burn some of Rob's belongings in his sleep.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
With Boston Rob's carpentry background, and both men's experience building lean-tos, it would be fun, and probably hilarious, to watch them try to work together and build a house for a couple that needs it, using only materials found in the surrounding area. The end result may not be that pretty to look at, but you can bet that the rain will run off it in the correct direction.

The Apprentice
With his friendly, laid-back attitude, Boston Rob seems to have very little trouble in getting people to follow his lead, which would be invaluable in a project manager position. Russell might have a little more trouble in that respect, but he'd probably be able to talk himself out of trouble and talk somebody else into it in the boardroom. Of course, once he finds out all the women are on the other team, he may lose interest in the whole thing.

Ghost Hunters
Rob -- a reality TV whore, any way you slice it -- also appeared on six episodes of Sci-Fi Investigates, but none of those episodes were specifically about visiting haunted houses and finding ghosts. For some reason, the idea of him and Russell being followed by night-vision cameras as they investigated moans and bumps in spooky old castles makes me giggle like a madman. It may be because I imagine their hats shooting off their heads in fear every time they hear a scary noise, like in a Three Stooges episode.

Project: Runway
After a dramatic runway reveal of R&R, in which the designers are briefly led to believe that they will have to make resort wear for the reality stars, Heidi Klum will reveal the actual challenge -- to design outfits for their female models that complement R&R's chosen headgear: Rob's Red Sox hat and Russell's jaunty fedora. They'll also act as guest judges and mentors, and Russell will attempt to make a secret alliance with Tim Gunn.

What reality show would you like to see Rob and Russell on? Let us know below, then read our review of the first episode of Survivor: Redemption Island!

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