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Arnold Schwarzenegger is Coming to Your TV, But Is He Available for Guest Roles?

Get ready for excitement, Arnold Schwarzenegger fans -- the former Governator has been teasing his return to movies since before he left office, and now it's been announced that his next project will be... a TV show? Details will be revealed at the MIPTV conference on April 4, but Ahnuld's representatives have said it will be an "international TV series." Whether that means it will be sold in international markets or that Ah-nuld's character will travel to exotic locales around the world to shoot people in the face remains to be seen, but it totally makes us rethink his comeback. Can TV screens possibly contain the power of Arnold Schwarzenegger? If so, there are some other TV shows we'd like him to guest-star on before his new series gets underway.

The Office
Michael Scott will vacate his position as the Scranton branch manager of Dunder-Mifflin before the season's end, so why not have Arnie come in as a transitional representative of the Austrian consortium that just bought out parent company Sabre? When important transition paperwork is mistakenly slated for destruction by Erin, Arnold will channel Dutch from Predator by bellowing, "GET TO THE SHREDDAH! NOW!"

The Vampire Diaries
Who says all vampires need to be young and pretty? Besides The CW television executives? Klaus is one of the originals, a pureblood vampire who wants Elena dead so he can end the Moonstone curse. While the 64-year-old Schwarzenegger is older-looking than how Klaus has been described in the books, the show stopped using the books as a template long ago. I say have Arnold play his first vampire long enough to get double-staked by Stefan and Damon. Plus, that's a good opportunity for him to make a vampire-based pun. "This... bites... [Dies.]"

In the alternate universe, we know that the White House has been destroyed and rebuilt, and that the Obama family recently moved back in, but what if another weak spot in the fabric of reality claimed the life of the Commander in Chief? Vice-President Schwarzenegger (legally allowed in the alternate universe) would have to take over as leader of the free world, and he'd pressure Secretary of Defense Walternate to step up his assault on our universe. Because President Schwarzenegger wants to get revenge on the man who killed his partner. "BISHOOOOOPPPP!"

Vivian Volkoff has taken over her father's arms supplying business, but not everybody wants to see her resume his operations. A Russian arms dealer named Vladimir Malevich (Schwarzenegger) wants to become the new arms dealer on the block, and he'll kill any The CW regular -- or Intersect-enhanced CIA agent -- who gets in his way. "SEE YOU AT THE PARTY, BARTOWSKI!"

How I Met Your Mother
What's the scariest part of meeting the girl you want to marry? Asking her father for permission. When Ted finally meets the girl of his flash-forwards at his friend's wedding, his next step will be to meet her severe, no-nonsense dad, who will make The Captain look like a ray of sunshine. Naturally, there will be a crazy plotline where Ted thinks he's an ex-Soviet spy, which will not be helped by Arnold's interrogative line of questioning: "Who is your daddy, and what does he do?"

What show would you like to see Schwarzenegger appear on? Let us know below, then see which Arnold movies we wouldn't mind seeing remade!

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