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Who Should Be on <I>Project Runway</i>‘s All-Star Season?

Is there anything on earth more exciting than an all-star season of a reality competition show? Obviously not: The Amazing Race is just finishing one, Top Model is doing one, Top Chef just did one, and now, for the first time ever, Project Runway is solving their casting problems by doing one, too. So, assuming past winners are ineligible (which means no Christian Siriano or hate-fueling Jeffrey Sebelia, unfortunately), who should come back? Here's our wish list:

Daniel Vosovic (Season 2)
Besides the fact that he should have won his season (unfinished business!), he's also just adorable and I flat-out miss having the guy on my TV.

Mondo Guerra (Season 8)
Everything I just said about Daniel V? Applies here too.

Kenley Collins (Season 5)
Nothing but bitchface, design theft and incessant talk of tugboats. Oh, how I need to hate on Kenley all over again anew.

Anthony Williams (Season 7)
Everybody wrote this guy off as untalented and trying way too desperately to be a reality "character" at first, but over the course of his season he turned out to be really endearing, witty and actually pretty damn talented at times. I'd love to see how he's grown as a designer over the past couple years.

Jillian Lewis (Season 4)
Some say she's boring, I say she's captivatingly boring. She's like a lava lamp that makes cute dresses and I want more.

Austin Scarlett (Season 1)
What's an all-star season of anything, really, without a beautiful Gatsby-themed dandy in tow?

Althea Harper (Season 6)
Sweet girl, very marketable designs, but most importantly, remember how she used to dress like an '80s prostitute? I'd love to see how all that's going.

Michael Knight (Season 3)
Because, frankly, this show has been sorely lacking in animal prints since he left it.

Ivy Higa (Season 8)
She and Kenley would either join forces and destroy their competition or turn on each other and annihilate all living matter with one 80-kiloton bitch bomb apiece. What fun!

And as for my obvious snub, Chris March is already getting his own show on Bravo, so I feel like my Chris March needs will be met by the time Runway All-Stars starts. Just clarifying.

Your thoughts? Come on, I know there's got to be a Wendy Pepper superfan out there somewhere.

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