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<i>The World According to…</i> Anyone But Paris

We're not sure that anyone actually demanded an inside look at Paris Hilton's life, but nevertheless, Oxygen is rolling out The World According to Paris this week. To be honest, we'll probably tune in only because we think she's strangely fascinating and, whether you like it or not, extremely talented in the art of self-promotion (for example: a show called The World According to Paris airing on Oxygen). But with that said, there are plenty of other celebrities that we would've rather seen as the focus of a series like this. Here's just a few:

Gary Busey
This season's Celebrity Apprentice was all the proof we needed to know that Oscar-nominated actor-turned-trainwreck is still bringing the crazy. From declaring himself "a Pepperoni Prophet" to calling Lil Jon "an my me," Busey was a full-on loose cannon, but the thing is, everything he says makes total sense to him. Who wouldn't want to experience that thought process? As Mark McGrath said: "He is a different cat."

Lady Gaga
Hopefully we're not the only ones still wondering if this whole act is for real, even though she's claimed it is millions of times. That would mean she never wears sweatpants. Is that even possible? Stefani G. is the only one who can tell us.

Zach Galifinakis
More specifically, we want to see the world according to his Between Two Ferns persona. What provokes someone to tickle Michael Cera? Or to ask Jon Hamm, "Why Jesus is so cruel"?

Kanye West
What is going on in that mind when he composes his tweets? "Sometimes I get emotional over fonts." And, "I specifically ordered persian rugs with cherub imagery!!! What do I have to do to get a simple persian rug with cherub imagery uuuuugh." What are you, Kanye West?

James Franco
He's pulled off the neat trick of being overexposed and yet still completely unknowable at the same time. Was he trying to tell us something when he played a sociopath multimedia artist named Franco on General Hospital? As long as he's not dressed like Marilyn Monroe, we'd check his show out.

Matthew Weiner
We don't necessarily need a full series about the creator of Mad Men; one episode would do. As long as he answered the question: Why the hell did Don propose to Megan?! (Yeah, we're still obsessing over that.)

Paula Abdul
Bravo tried giving her a show a few years ago (which we PH'd almost immediately), but in retrospect, the world just wasn't ready for it at that time. We may be now.

Tom Cruise
This one really requires no explanation. We would watch every single minute, even if it was nothing but Tom saluting LRH while the Mission: Impossible theme played on an endless loop in the background. Which, knowing him, it probably would be.

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