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<i>The Carrie Diaries</i>: Who Should Play Younger Versions of Other <i>Sex and the City</i> Characters?

The CW recently revealed that Lindsey Gort (boy, that's a tough name to pull off) will play the young version of Samantha Jones, who was famous on Sex and the City for her super sexual, anything goes outlook.

Because The Carrie Diaries is set in high school, I'm guessing young Samantha won't be written quite as daringly as grown-up Samantha -- remember lines like "Fuck me badly once, shame on you. Fuck me badly twice, shame on me" and "I will wear whatever and blow whomever I want as long as I can breathes and kneel"? Her dialogue may seem more crass than revolutionary at this point, but remember, the character broke a lot of ground in 1998 when SATC premiered. In fact, she was one of the first women on television to have such an open and positive relationship with sex.

Any actress tasked with playing Ms. Jones has big shoes to fill. Gort hasn't proven herself yet -- so far she's only had a few bit parts on shows like Vegas and an appearance in the TV movie Wing Bitches -- which sounds like a real winner. This summer she's in 2 Guns alongside Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington. Despite her lack of experience, Gort does have one thing going for her: she's a dead ringer for a young Kim Cattrall, quirked eyebrow and all. Seriously, I thought I was looking at a picture of Cattrall when I googled Gort's name.

Now that The Carrie Diaries has locked down their Samantha, the show still has to cast the second half of our favorite female foursome, plus other memorable characters from SATC. Sure, Carrie met nearly all her paramours as an adult, but Carrie Diaries has been playing fast and loose with the original show's timeline anyway. Lucky for you, I've searched far and wide (i.e. IMDB) for the child stars who could best portray Charlotte, Miranda, Big and the rest of the gang:

Charlotte York
Child Doppelganger: Miranda Cosgrove

Cosgrove has been acting since she was ten. A decade later, she's by far the most notable child star to come out of School of Rock. She had two successful series with Drake and Josh and iCarly, proving that you can be both a Nickelodeon star and a person I don't hate. Cosgrove would make a great Charlotte because she seems sincere and brainy, but also pretty reserved. She's not out there partying it up, and it doesn't look like she's all that hurried to transition to more mature roles just yet -- and all that work on kids' shows means she knows how to play Charlotte's innocence. A high school soap opera seems like the perfect move for her.

Miranda Hobbes
Child Doppelganger: Molly Quinn

Quinn has portrayed Alexis, Castle's daughter, for the past five years. Alexis is a fiercely independent straight-A student and her high school's valedictorian, so Quinn has definitely had practice playing the kind of level-headed, no-nonsense character that Miranda embodied. Alexis's interactions with Castle over the years have also proven that Quinn can handle lovey-dovey family stuff, just like Miranda's sweet scenes with her son Brady. Plus, that hair.

Mr. Big
Child Doppelganger: Ed Westwick

No, Westwick isn't really a "child" anymore. But half the Glee kids are in their thirties, and he's only 26, so I'm letting it slide. As Chuck on Gossip Girl, Westwick was pretty much always the most enjoyable thing on screen. He's super smooth and great at wooing the ladies, which is perfect for the character in which Carrie falls in love at first sight. He can also wear the hell out of a suit.

Aidan Shaw
Child Doppelganger: Jake T. Austin

Austin already has a series currently airing, The Fosters. But if he could squeeze it in, he'd be a great fit for a teenaged Aiden. He certainly has the hair for it. Those sweeping locks and big brown eyes were good enough for Carrie, after all. Austin's Fosters characters, Jesus, is also protective of his loved ones and has a sensitive side. Sound like someone you know?

Harry Goldenblatt
Child Doppelganger: Rowan Witt

It's hard to imagine Harry as a child, mostly because he would have had hair in his high school years. But then I thought of Spoon Boy, that weird little freak from The Matrix. Turns out, that kid is named Rowan Witt, and he's 24 now. He does currently have hair, I'm happy to report. Witt hasn't worked since 2012, but I'd love to see him get back in the saddle, preferably paying another follicly challenged character.

Steve Brady
Child Doppelganger: Nolan Gould

Gould's character, Luke, on Modern Family is a lovable idiot, much like Steve. Even though Luke screws up a lot, you just have to forgive him. Steve messed up with Miranda way worse than Luke ever did on Modern Family, but it's the same concept. Also Gould, with his pale skin, curly hair and freckles, just looks like a baby geek waiting to sprout into full-blown geekiness once puberty sets in. Can't you imagine Steve looking the same way in middle school?

Child Doppelganger: Alex Pettyfer

Pretty much the prettiest face ever. Pettyfer starred in Magic Mike, so we know he's got the body to portray Smith, Samantha's boy toy with a heart of gold. I don't really know if he can act at all, but I don't think that really matters for this particular character.

Aleksandr Petrovsky
Child Doppelganger: Chehon Wespi-Tschopp

Mikhail Baryshnikov is one of the best dancers alive today. His character, Aleksandr, certainly made a big impression on Carrie: she almost gave up everything (even New York!) for him in SATC's final season. Sure, we all knew Aleksandr didn't stand a chance against Big, but that didn't mean we weren't worried when he first whisked Carrie off her feet. Like Aleksandr, Wespi-Tschopp -- the male winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 -- is also an acclaimed ballet dancer. He's also lived and danced in Switzerland and England, so he's got that European charm that attracted Carrie in the first place.

What do you think? Do you agree with our picks for the young SATC characters? Let us know in the comments!

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