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Steven Keaton Soaps Up

by Lauren Gitlin August 18, 2008 4:11 pm
Steven Keaton Soaps Up Things have been hard for Michael Gross (aka Steven Keaton) since the salad days of Family Ties. According to his IMDB page, he hasn't been hurting for work, but nothing he's done, with the possible exception of a turn as a bad guy in a 2000 episode of Law & Order has been all that high-profile. Yes, Law & Order is high-profile, you guys! Shut up.

Where was I? Oh yeah, Michael Gross! So dude has been cast in The Young and the Restless. Upgrade or downgrade, would you say? I mean for those of us who love our soaps, clearly it's a boon. But for those of us who don't like crappy things, it could be considered the death throes -- albeit lucrative death throes -- of a terminally ill acting career. I don't know enough about soaps to accurately put this in perspective, but I think that even amongst daytime dramas, TYATR isn't such great shakes, compared to, say, Days of Our Lives, which is the Casablanca of soaps from what I gather. But I digress.

I'm thrilled for MG, honest! Who am I to begrudge one of history's finest TV dads a steady paying gig? It's just gonna be tough to buy him as Michael Baldwin's dad Lowell, who is described as "a bit of a substance-abusing rat, who is now wanted for his role in a robbery that caused someone's death, and who is currently going by the name of River." Wow, those soap writers never disappoint with their streamlined plots do they? Bet MG never thought when he was earning his masters at Yale that he'd be reduced to background noise for laundry-folding stay-at-home moms and unemployed twenty-somethings surfing the job boards on their laptops. Life is funny! Sha la la la!




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