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Grey’s Gets a Presidential Visit

by Angel Cohn September 24, 2008 2:10 pm
<i>Grey’s</I> Gets a Presidential Visit

My second favorite Mary on the planet (the first being Mary Tyler Moore -- there are few people I'd suffer through Lipstick Jungle for) is heading over to Grey's Anatomy for a three to five episode arc. Finally. Someone appreciates the brilliance of the amazing Mary McDonnell... even if those stupid old Emmy people don't see that Battlestar Galactica's madame president is one of the most talented actresses working today.

Much as I gripe about the super soapy show, having Mary McDonnell on it can only make it better. Even if she's stuck making out with McDreamy or Callie or whatever, I'm sure she'll act the hell out of it. Plus, if her arc overlaps with the final season of Battlestar that means I'll get to see her twice in one week, and that's just too much for my little brain to handle. My DVR might explode from excitement. Ideally I'd like to see her butting heads with the Chief, or Chandra Wilson, or bossing Sandra Oh around, but I'll take McDonnell however I can get her.




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