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Speidi on HIMYM? It’s the Debil’s Work!

by Lauren Gitlin November 5, 2008 1:43 pm
Speidi on <i>HIMYM</i>? It’s the Debil’s Work! Now that Sad Grampa and his sidekick ol' HMILF (that's Hockey Mom I'd Like To .... oh you know) are safely out of the picture and Obama's beginning his quest to right the wrongs of the past administration, I feel it's appropriate to train our focus on an insidious enemy that's set down deep roots in this fair nation of ours. You all know what I'm talking about right?

SPEIDI OF COURSE. This despicable coupling is barely tolerable in its current incarnation as the two-headed monster that desecrates my TV screen during my weekly Hills fix and the frequent rare occasions when I'm confronted with its blindingly blonde double-visage during my flip through the tabloids. But news that the dastardly duo will be filthying up the sacred ground known to many as How I Met Your Mother is just ... I can't. Excuse me while I retch.

I agree with PopWrap scribe Jarrett Wieselman that stuntcasting is a difficult thing to pull off, and that HIMYM has deftly done so in the past, especially with regard to a certain pop singer who made a coupla appearances last season, so perhaps I should reserve judgment. I also get that these guest spots are celebs' (and, in this case, Satan Incarnate) attempt to win over a demographic that might otherwise look askance at -- or have outright disdain for -- them. Certainly those SNL spots featuring the aforementioned GOPee Pee Heads sought to establish that they were fun-loving Republicans who liked a good laugh as much as the next Joe Sixpack. But I cannot abide any attempt on Speidi's part to win over the American populace. I found myself ever so slightly succumbing to Spencer's diabolical charms whilst reading his admittedly rather amusing advice column in Radar. But I snapped back to my senses soon enough.

I can't really imagine any scenario involving the wretched Speidi that could feasibly and realistically further the HIMYM storyline, unless, as Angel points out, it materializes as a sort of drug-addled fantasy of Marshall's in a dream nightmare sequence similar to the one LC appeared in on Greek. More likely, their presence will pertain somehow to Barney, because in the fictional world of HIMYM, he and Spencer seem like they might have some things in common (much as it pains me to acknowledge any common ground between His Pube-Beardedness and St. Neil, be it real or imaginary). Whatever the case, I can say with utter certainty that I do not support this union. Who's with me?




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