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Six Reasons I’m Excited About <I>Doctor Who</I>‘s New Star

Since Saturday I've been thinking about the announcement that Matt Smith was going to fill David Tennant's shoes. I've gone back and forth on how I feel about them casting a 26-year-old relative unknown in this major geek role. My first reaction (mostly based on the age) was "Gah, this is going to be just as bad as Twilight." Actually my first reaction was "Who the hell is that?," but the young guy with nice hair thing came in a close second. But I've finally decided that I'm OK with it. I mean, I still haven't come to terms with the fact that David Tennant is leaving, and there were a host of other choices on the teaser lists that sort of tickled my fancy, but I've decided that I trust in Stephen Moffat and I'm willing to go along with this wild ride. And below are my reasons why.

1. Matt Smith's kind of adorable, but not conventionally hot. I don't see fangirls stalking him and blogging about how he styles his hair all the time (thankfully). David Tennant worked the adorkable angle and I was OK with it.

2. A mostly unknown star gives him a chance to really mold into this role. There aren't preconceived notions about how he'll be or not be based on his previous works. He doesn't have a legion of fans like Bill Nighy or some of the other big names that were floating around, so he doesn't have to live up to any hype or behave in a way that his fan base expects. He just has to make Doctor Who fans happy. One job. Shouldn't be so hard.

3. It gives me another reason go watch the copy of The Ruby in the Smoke that's been kicking around my house for ages, which is pretty much his most notable movie role. He did also do The History Boys on stage, so he's presumably got some acting chops.

4. Smith is young. Which would presumably mean he's pretty eager, and hopefully will appreciate this big break and not be itching to go off to the next thing after a season or two. It takes me so long to adjust to the change, that I'd like the Doctors to stick around for a while longer.

5. Maybe this means they can get a big name to be his new companion? I don't know for sure, but I'm guessing that a newcomer like Matt Smith comes slightly cheaper than the now in-demand David Tennant or someone like Christopher Eccleston. So perhaps they can spend extra cash wooing someone awesome to travel around with the Doctor. I can think of dozens of people who would be amazing. And if the fans don't like the new Doctor being someone so young, they could also cast someone "older and wiser" to go on this journey with him. Win-win.

6. Age is just a state of mind. And in the Doctor's case, it's sort of just a state of something else entirely. I mean, does it matter if the outer shell of this guy is young? He may look like a 26-year-old on the outside, but he's still the same doctor that has lived for hundreds of years and has seen everything. As long as Smith can step it up in the acting department and handle all of the heaviness and humor that goes with being the Time Lord, who really cares what he looks like? Besides, if I were going to regenerate myself, I'd want to be a younger version too.

Your thoughts on the new guy? Leave 'em below.




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