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What the What?!? James Franco To Join <i>General Hospital</I>

I've got nothing against daytime soap operas, in fact, Santa Barbara was my after school treat and All My Children was one of the few things that my college roommate and I could agree on, but I haven't been a regular watcher of any of them since Passions went off of network television. And, in general, I'm sad that they are sort of a dying breed. That said, I'm still floored by the news that James Franco is going to join the cast of General Hospital for a two month guest arc.

Most often in this industry we end up writing about stars who got their start on daytime, not major movie stars who have decided to join a soap. That's just pretty much unheard of. I wonder if this could be the start of a trend, or if Franco really just had no idea what he was signing up for, or maybe he's a big GH fan. Who knows? There's no word yet on what the character will be like, the story just says "mystery person," but I imagine that it will look like this digital short he did on SNL (well, with probably fewer references to his "ding-dong").




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