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Emmy Nominations Revealed: What Were They Thinking?

I hate Emmy nomination announcement morning. I come in to work all full of summer happiness and then end up feeling annoyed for the rest of the day. Every. Single. Year. I knew it was going to happen based on the short lists, but still, how is Boston Legal still considered one of the best shows on television? It certainly isn't better than The Wire. I'm about ready to throw in the towel on this antiquated awards show. Either that or start a vigilante group to go after nomination voters in the night. Oh, that's a great idea for a reality show. Irritated television critic goes crazy and starts posting pictures of Dexter in people's homes, threatening that he'll come after them unless they start choosing better shows. That said, I am happy that Dexter made the list, and even happier that Grey's Anatomy didn't.

As for the best comedies, it is an even more depressing sight to see. No How I Met Your Mother. No Pushing Daisies. No Ugly Betty. No Flight of the Conchords. Instead, the crappiest season of Entourage and the forgotten season of Curb Your Enthusiasm made it.

Frak. That's all I have to say about the Emmy nominations in the lead drama acting categories. I should have know better than to get my hopes up for these Emmy nominations. The early revealed short lists gave me hope that I'd see names like Mary McDonnell or Kyle Chandler on the lists for best actress and actor in a drama series. Instead, my hopes have been dashed. Yet again. Seriously, I can understand Kyle Chandler a little, that show was troubled a bit early on last season, and while he's always amazing, it wasn't as amazing as season one, so I'll give that one a pass. But seriously. Mary McDonnell not being nominated is a sin. I know Battlestar Galactica is a hard sell. But she plays the president, a tough as nails president, who makes decisions for the entire human race on a weekly basis. Plus, she's dying of cancer and has one of the sweetest love interests on TV. What else does she need to do to impress these Emmy people? Instead, they pick Holly Hunter? Who just acts nuts and sorta slutty. Whatever. I'm sure they just looked at the list, saw her name and went, "Oh, Holly Hunter, I've heard of her." I imagine there was a similar thing happening when they put James Spader on the list. Gah. I'm going to start giving out my own awards. Oh wait, we actually are. Tubey voting starts tomorrow! Oh, but hooray for Jon Hamm. He's my pick all the way.

Supporting dramatic acting categories aren't a hell of a lot better. More Boston Legal. The only thing that makes me even kind of happy is to see John Slattery's name on this one. If he wasn't there, I'd literally be crying this morning. The actresses are all fine, though I really would have loved to have seen Jill Clayburgh pull out a nod for Dirty Sexy Money, and maybe left off Sandra Oh, who, while I adore her, really did nothing but mope all season.

For the funny people, can someone explain to me who Tony Shalhoub has incriminating photos of? That's the only explanation I can think of as to why he is on this list, yet again. The one thing that makes me deliriously happy though is that none of the Desperate Housewives got nominated. Yay.

There are more reasons that I'm annoyed... how did Cat Deeley and Phil Keoghan get overlooked for the new best reality show host? They are my two favorites. And does no one watch MTV? (Given that they nominated Boston Legal and Two and a Half Men I'm guess they aren't the demo.) Because The Paper is the best Reality Program of the year... hands down (Sorry Kathy Griffin, love you, but Amanda rocks.) And, for the record, Dancing With the Stars is not the best reality-competition show. Period. It isn't even close. These people are really not watching So You Think You Can Dance or Top Model or Rock of Love (kidding about that last one... ). I do want to give a nice little shout out to the sweet Danny Strong. The former Buffy star, who I got to chat with recently, made good and earned a writing nod for his Recount script.

And despite all the buzz about Britney's name being submitted for Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her recurring cameo on HIMYM, she didn't make the cut. From the looks of it, she ought to have opted to guest on 30 Rock, seeing as three of the six nominees in that category -- Elaine Stritch, Edie Falco and Carrie Fisher -- received nods.




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