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TWoP 10: Most Pleasant Emmy Nomination Surprises

Sure, there were a lot of quality performances and shows overlooked during this year's Emmy nominations -- from the lack of acknowledgment for anything related to Community or Sons of Anarchy to the scarcely few nominations for Parks and Recreation. And we're still scratching our heads as to how Tony Shalhoub got another nom. But with that said, there were plenty of pleasant surprises that we're genuinely excited about.

10. Archie Panjabi
There are a lot of reasons we like The Good Wife, but the character we love the most is Kalinda as played by Archie Panjabi. We would have thought that she'd have been shut out of the supporting actress field in favor of the showier performance by Christine Baranski, so we're glad there was room for both.

9. Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
Apparently the Emmy voters decided that they had to put their own two cents in regarding the Tonight Show debacle. They clearly took sides by giving Conan a nomination, while Jay Leno's version (or his 10 PM show) didn't get picked for the Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Series. It will be more of a statement if CoCo actually beats The Daily Show or The Colbert Report, but it is an honor for him to be nominated, and a slap in the face to Leno, either way.

8. True Blood
Yes, it is a total guilty pleasure and not quite on the same level as, say, Mad Men or Breaking Bad, but this HBO series is definitely entertaining. We wouldn't have thought that the typically stodgy Emmys would have selected a vampire show for best drama in a million years, especially given the way they ignored Buffy during its prime, but apparently the magic of Alan Ball has won them over.

7. No Charlie Sheen
We were expecting to see Charlie Sheen's name in here just because it almost always is, even though his performance is just average, but apparently his extracurricular activities kept him off the list. We're glad because that means we don't have to suffer the will-he-or-won't-he-show-up speculation. We'd love to think that voters are just over the show, but Jon Cryer and Holland Taylor got nominated, so there goes that theory.

6. Christina Hendricks
We're happy for January Jones' first Emmy nod, along with yet another one for Elisabeth Moss, but while they've both been solid, neither had the year that our beloved Joan Holloway did. Guess all it took was hitting a guy with a lamp in order to earn her rightful place in the Emmy realm.

5. No major nominations for Entourage
It would have been enough if Entourage didn't get nominated. It would have been enough if Jeremy Piven was again left out of the running. But to see none of the cast in the big acting categories and to have the slumping series shut out of the best comedy race was more than we could have hoped for.

4. Jane Lynch
We don't normally cheer for nominations for Two and a Half Men, but when it comes to Lynch in the guest star category, we can't help but be excited for her. That was just the icing on the cake after finding out she also landed a supporting actress nom for playing the phenomenally spiteful Sue Sylvester on Glee.

3. The men of Modern Family
It was a risky move to put all of the stars of the freshman series Modern Family in the supporting category instead of putting someone up for lead, but it paid off... well, for everyone except Ed O'Neill. The new series not only got the predicted nom for Ty Burrell, but also earned recognition for Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Eric Stonestreet. Maybe next year, Ed.

2. Chris Colfer & Mike O'Malley
There are a lot of things about Glee that we don't love, or that don't even remotely make sense, but the one relationship on the show that always rings true is the Hummel men. When this father-son duo are together delivering lines about how much they care about each other, we just reach for our boxes of tissues. We're nearly weeping with joy knowing that they are both in the running for some shiny trophies.

1. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton
It's about goddamn time. If Friday Night Lights itself couldn't get nominated for best drama, having the Emmy voters finally recognize the brilliant dynamic between Coach and Tami Taylor is the next best thing. These two have been delivering some of the most realistic and heartbreaking relationship scenes for several seasons and are both long overdue for some Emmy love.

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