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TWoP 10: Emmy Wins That Would Make Us Happy

by TWoP Staff September 21, 2012 6:04 am
TWoP 10: Emmy Wins That Would Make Us Happy

While we've already done our predictions and blathered on about the quality performances that actually deserve to win (i.e. our beloved Homeland), these are the things that would actually make us up jump for joy come Emmy night. Please note: it takes a lot to get us up off our couches.

10. Cat Deeley Is the Host With the Most
We were thrilled to see the So You Think You Can Dance hostess nominated, but for her to win? Our minds might be delightfully blown. It might take 20 minutes for her to get to the stage, though, as she'd probably hug every person in her path.

9. Jon Cryer Wins
Okay, this would actually make us scream with rage... but we're so used to disappointment with this show that we thought some reverse psychology might help in this situation.

8. Sherlock Solves It
The buzzy American Horror Story likely has a lock on the Miniseries/Movie category, but our inner fangirl/boy would be psyched if Sherlock (as well as Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman) made a clean sweep. And well, we've always wondered what would cause Tumblr to explode, and that might do it.

7. Stefon
If Bill Hader wins (and stranger SNL things happened at the Schmemmys), his only choice would be to accept this as Stefon. Then he'd subsequently have to rattle off all the cool Emmy after parties that he plans on hitting (presumably, farm animals and Abby and Brittany would be involved somehow).

6. Giancarlo Esposito Goes All Gus Fring
We're pulling for Jared Harris to win the Supporting Actor in a Drama prize, but we wouldn't exactly be disappointed if Esposito's name gets called -- especially if he straightens his tie and crooks his face a bit just before revealing... his acceptance speech.

5. Girls Goes Topless
The HBO comedy is irreverent and controversial, so if it won we'd love for Lena Dunham to get up on stage and just flash a little boob. It's been a while since there's been a good nip slip on network TV. Barring that, we'd be equally happy if she got up, took her trophy and used it to bash the people that mercilessly criticize her every move.

4. Breaking Bad/Mad Men Trading Places
Mad Men remains one of our favorite shows on television, but it's got enough accolades in the Best Drama category to last a lifetime, while Breaking Bad gets acting love, but not a lot of acknowledgment for the series as a whole. And Jon Hamm and Christina Hendricks deserve some credit for bringing Don Draper and Joan Holloway to life. Give Breaking Bad, the show, top honors and Mad Men's key players a win for a change and we'd happily consider this a night well spent.

3. No Wins for Modern Family
It wasn't Modern Family's best season by any stretch of the imagination, and we're tired of it taking home the best comedy award and the supporting actor trophies. What's the opposite of a clean sweep? A shut-out? That's what we're hoping for here.

2. Community Wins
It's not up for best comedy or anything, but there's a chance that Community could snag a writing award for the incredible episode "Remedial Chaos Theory." If that happens, we'll be squealing deliriously in all of our alternate timelines.

1. Amy Poehler Wins
We adore Leslie Knope, and Poehler brings this quirky Pawnee resident to life in the most wonderful way. And given recent personal events, Poehler could probably stand a check in the win column. Plus, we bet she's got a kickass speech prepared. We hope the sound guys have "Get On Your Feet" prepped just in case.

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