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This past season of Dancing With the Stars was known for having the least enticing group of D-List celebrities to ever make it on the show. Yet with the show's incredible success, you think the producers could pull a few strings and bring in some real A-listers (or at least B-listers?) for its next season. Although ABC had not yet released next season's contestants, ExtraTV claims that Dan Quayle, as in former Vice President of the United States, "is on the short list of potential stars." Kim Kardashian, known entirely for her large derrière and Lance Bass, former N'SYNC star, are also rumored to be on the short list. Good Morning America will be the first to reveal the stars appearing on the show's next season. Who knows what would happen with a former V.P., a playboy cover girl and yet another boy bander in the lineup? I know I'd watch.




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The Telefile

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