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Get Your Priorities Straight, Scrubs!

by Mindy Monez July 17, 2008 11:58 am
Get Your Priorities Straight, <I>Scrubs</I>!

The folks over at Scrubs are reportedly delighted to finally have a network that takes them seriously. The move from NBC to ABC has resulted in all kinds of fancy star treatment like set visits from the network (this had apparently never once happened at NBC, according to creator Bill Lawrence, which seems awfully rude of them), and now, to get you hyped for the show's mid-season ABC premiere, the network has ponied up the dough for six webisodes, set to premiere this fall.

Well, this is great news... great news the show could have really used three seasons ago, before it became a shell of its former hilarious self. Scrubs used to be one of my favorite shows, and I still think the first four seasons are genius, but the thing is a parody of itself now. There's a joy that's been missing from it the last three seasons that ABC may be able to revive, but c'mon -- three phoned-in seasons? How do you come back from that? Not to mention the fact that Zach Braff has gone from adorable, well-meaning indie hero to little more than "That tabloid guy who is still on that show, can you believe that show is still on?!" Guy. And besides, even if the writers can overcome Braff's public image, he's said he doesn't want to do more than one season anyway, and can the show continue without J.D.? What would Turk, Dr. Cox and the Janitor do all day long if not party with J.D.?!

And now, in addition to drudging through yet another season, with the possibility of additional seasons, this already beleaguered writing staff has to come up with six webisodes? That's insane to me. They need to take some time to focus on reigning the show back in to being as good (or better yet, better!) as it was in its glory days, not writing webisodes. Prioritize, people! No one who has never seen the first seven seasons of Scrubs is going to start now because there are webisodes, and I highly doubt they're going to win back the deserters with them either. It's a waste of time, and it doesn't do anything to give this deserter any hope for a return to the Scrubs I used to love.




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