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Sesame Street, We Need To Talk

by Lauren Gitlin July 30, 2008 4:35 pm
<i>Sesame Street</i>, We Need To Talk I have a bone to pick with you, Sesame Street. I'll give you the Feist sing-along skit -- who can really eff with "1 2 3 4 Monsters Walking 'Cross the Floor"? And I'll most assuredly give you St. Neil as the Shoe Fairy because, um, genius? But what's all this celeb-courting, high-concept, vaguely inappropriate biznass of late? When you have Kim Cattrall invoking her sexed up cougar incarnation Samantha Jones in close proximity to Oscar's trash can, I can't help but wonder if things have gone a little too far. Playing up to the parents is nothing new -- cuz really, is a kid who doesn't yet know how to control his bowels gonna get a 30 Rock parody? -- but when we have Jonah Hill, who is known nearly exclusively for playing sailor-mouthed stoners, waxing poetic about mustaches that look like outtakes from a seventies porno, it's time to rein it the hell in. What sorts of values are we teaching kids when a talking cake tries to make out with Jessica Alba? US Weekly will have them in a death vice soon enough. Does the one unspoiled place where a kid can hang out with monsters and learn to tie his shoes in peace need to beat the trashy tabs to the punch?

Sure, in my day there was the odd celebrity cameo on SS -- who can forget Smokey Robinson attempting to escape from an overly affectionate letter H? -- but if this promo reel for the new season is any indication, the celeb saturation point has reached new heights, and the celebs themselves -- Will Arnett, Feist, and St. Neil excepted -- have reached new lows. Isn't Snuffie enough for the youth of today? Where's a two-headed monster or a honker or Forgetful Jones when you need him? Were they getting too long in the tooth for the increasing discerning viewership and summarily replaced by B-list movie stars?

Also, is this rant a sign that I'm becoming Andy Rooney?




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