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Oh, TBS. Despite the sporadic relief of Office re-runs and the less-awful-than-all-the-other-orginial-series-on-its-network My Boys, there's really no better way to slap a slogan like "Very Funny" in the face than with The Bill Engvall Show, Tyler Perry's House of Payne, Frank TV and Everybody Loves Raymond re-runs. And now, as if those weren't bad enough, TBS has given the guy who helmed The Bill Engvall Show, The Drew Carey Show and George Lopez a sitcom starring Valerie Bertinelli, which is just unbelievable.

Bertinelli will play a single mother of two trying to run a lumber yard in the wake of her recently split husband. Oh, God. This should not be a show. I will say, though, that Valerie Bertinelli in a hard hat sounds adorable, but that's not a good enough reason to create an entire series. Why can't Valerie Bertinelli just hang out and count her Jenny Craig money? Maybe go on a few reality competition shows or something? I know a paycheck's a paycheck, but if you're a TV icon and you want to come back to television, make it for something worth it, like Ted Danson's amazing turn on Damages or even Sharon Gless on Burn Notice (she may not be the best thing on the show and her character may be annoying, but she serves an important purpose, and at least it's a good show). Don't come back for this.

Though I'm sure, like The Bill Engvall Show, this series will find an audience of people who won't admit they watch it (seriously, I don't know one person who watches it, and yet it apparently does gangbuster cable ratings? What's with that?), but I won't be one of them. I also really want to start a petition to get TBS to change their slogan. Who's with me?




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The Telefile

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