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Today's TWoP News: April 28, 2009

by Zach Oat April 28, 2009 12:47 pm
Today's TWoP News: April 28, 2009

If it's Tuesday, this must be TWoP News! There's a lot of moving and shaking going on this week, as shows change timeslots (or defiantly don't), shows get canceled (or surprisingly don't), and showrunners leave shows (that don't even have names yet). Also, someone is injuring our nation's celebrities, and it may be Michael Flatley. Let's begin!

In a highly controversial stand that all of the other networks wish they lacked the sense of social responsibility to do themselves, Fox won't air Obama's "First 100 Days" speech on Wednesday night. Apparently, it's not a political decision, it's a "metric ass-tons of money" decision, as rescheduling that night's episodes of American Idol and Lie to Me would hurt their bottom line. Maybe if they got Obama to sing in a car commercial?

Meanwhile, Fox has no problem rescheduling their new cartoon Sit Down, Shut Up, since it somehow manages to dip in the ratings in between much higher-rated episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy. It will now be on at 7:00 on Thursdays, followed by a rerun of American Dad (shudder). It will be replaced in the 8:30 slot by King of the Hill, which is only now entering its final season. Who knew?

In related news, CBS has moved Harper's Island, from its prime post-CSI spot on Thursdays to the dreaded Saturday dead zone (where NBC put Kings for a while.) Apparently, they would have canceled it, but the DVR numbers show promise. Hey, if people are DVRing it anyway, you might as well put it on when they're actually not home. (Although, if you're looking to save money on a Saturday night, staying in and watching a double- or triple-header of Harper's for a few weeks in a row isn't a bad way to go. TWoP: Saving you money!)

Meanwhile, in bizarro land, Scrubs may yet return for a ninth season, now that Zach Braff has said he'll come back for at least some of the episodes. Cast members John C. McGinley, Donald Faison and Neil Flynn have all landed pilots for the fall, but may be willing to come back for recurring roles. Which means the regulars would be the new generation of interns, one of whom (Aziz Ansari) has already left, and another of whom (Eliza Coupe) is in the pilot for No Heroics. Not sure this sounds like the best idea. But, on the bright side, Better Off Ted may get renewed, as well! I would watch Scrubs every night if it meant Ted could come back, too.

Meanwhile, Ted writer (and Samantha Who producer) Justin Adler has left his untitled NBC comedy starring Michael Rosenbaum, and he's been replaced by the creators/producers of Aliens in America. Simultaneously, Missi Pyle took over the role of Rosenbaum's sister from Leslie Bibb. Guess we should stop calling it "the untitled Justin Adler project," huh?

And, in unrelated news, Dancing With the Stars is still cursed. Can we call in Scooby Doo, already?




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