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<I>Grey’s Anatomy</I>: What The Hell Are They Thinking?

First, if you don't want to know who lived/died on that annoyingly sappy show Grey's Anatomy at the end of last season, stop reading this post now. If you couldn't care less and are bloodthirsty, like me, and were hoping that there'd be a mass explosion and only Cristina, Hunt and Bailey somehow survived... well, read on. The death toll isn't nearly that exciting, but I'll take what I can get.

Its time for contracts to be renewed or not and as much as that show's creator Shonda Rimes hates spoilers getting out... well, they do. Sources are reporting that T.R. Knight (aka George) has gone to that great elevator in the sky, where soldiers who were never actually soldiers get to wear uniforms. And while I had personally hoped beyond hope that Izzie would take his hand and follow him off, since having sex with Dead Denny wouldn't be so weird if she actually was a ghost as well, it doesn't look like that wish will be granted. It seems that Katherine Heigl is sticking around Seattle Grace. .

This is a shocker to some, who thought that the whole intense cancer thing would be the death of her, but not to me. I had a hunch and shared it with all two people who would listen. I figured that George would give her that same exact speech that he gave to her before when she was deciding if she was going to have the surgery, about how she already knew what to do, so that all the people who fall for sappy stuff would start crying, and then the elevator doors would close and she'd go down and return to her body. All so that she could survive, and then Alex would be like, "Crap, why the hell did I marry her? I thought she was dying," and that would give them a storyline for the whole season. Not sure if that's how it will fall out or not, but that's my prediction.

However, the bigger question is why the hell would the show even want her back? She made it pretty clear that she was unhappy there when she took her name out of the running for the Emmys. So why make everyone miserable? I get that Izzie used to be a beloved character on that show (back when she was cutting LVAD wires and modeling for Bethany Whisper) but she hasn't been in a while. Is their sole reason for keeping her there just to make her adhere to her contract, or do they feel like they've got some juicy storyline that only she can handle? Like maybe a sick platypus comes to the hospital and she can spend her entire day in the flatbed of a truck trying to heal it, sucking up valuable resources when there is a vet facility just down the street (yes, I'm still annoyed about the stupid deer). Though arguably, that's the kind of thing that Lexie would jump all over now.

What good can possibly come out of her remaining on the show for another season? After suffering this near-terminal disease, is she just going to jump back into scrubs? Will she decide to just run Denny's clinic? Will she quit medicine and just try to become the next Martha Stewart? Maybe she'll have an affair with Callie; since she did bust up Callie's marriage, it's only fair that Callie should break up hers. Or are they really killing Izzie Stevens off and just keeping her around in order to play mind games with Alex? If Alex starts having ghost sex, I swear to god, that's the last straw with this show.

Your thoughts, reactions, predictions? Leave 'em below.




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