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How Did <i>Real Steel</i> Lure Evangeline Lilly Out of Retirement?

Hey, remember a few months ago, when Lost star Evangeline Lilly said she was going to retire from acting after the show ended, and that she wanted to "have some quiet space," "drop off the radar" and "enjoy a little bit of normalcy" before she got a job behind-the-scenes? Well, forget it. Lilly has taken a role in the Hugh Jackman movie Real Steel, about the futuristic sport of robot boxing, which means she is back in front of the camera again. Was it the allure of fame, or was it simply that the producers knew her price? We got a peek at her contract, and some of her demands are pretty specific. Here's a brief list of things that she was promised if she took the role.

- The set must maintain a sense of "normalcy," even when the scene involves giant, boxing robots.

- Her character gets first dibs on all of the legal-age male characters in the film.

- The writers must rewrite the character to behave more like Evangeline Lilly would in a given situation, and they must wear bracelets that say "WWELD?" while writing.

- She never has to go back to Hawaii, ever. Not even for jury duty.

- When not acting, she will be taught how to do behind-the-scenes work, like boom operation and craft services.

- All of her dialogue must be replaced with petulant glares and eye-rolls.

- The movie must be filmed in Rwanda, so she can help irrigate the soil and deliver babies in her spare time.

- So she's not stuck in the same clothes for days on end, her character must change her outfit in between every scene. If possible, between every shot in a scene, although that may be harder to explain in the movie.

- They have to pay her enough money to never have to do another L'Oreal commercial ever again.

- Anyone who even utters the word "freckles" will be fired.

Discuss Lilly in our forums, then see what we think the other Lost cast members should do after the show ends!

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