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Seven Reasons <I>Project Runway</I> Doesn’t Need to Be 90 Minutes Long

I enjoy Project Runway and intend to watch every single episode until the show eventually ends, but starting next season, I might be watching with my finger on the fast-forward button. The show is going to extend from an hour-long into ninety minutes. That's too long for regular episodes. For the premiere and the finale? Sure, make them that long. Heck, make those two hours, but weekly? Even if it is moving to 9 PM at night instead of 10 PM, that's a lot to ask. And I have a hard time believing that there are people who sent complaints that the show was too short, Heidi. No matter how much you'd like me to believe that. Here's why we're dreading it:

It will be nothing but padding
Look, I've watched the two-hour episodes of The Biggest Loser, and there are at least 70 of those minutes that could be cut out without harming the integrity of the show. I've got a feeling that will be the same here. What will it mean? More footage of shopping at Mood? More of the designers sitting around getting ready for the day? The only extra footage I'm remotely interested in involves Tim Gunn critiquing people and telling them to make it work, but I doubt they'll be filling the entire extra half-hour with that and that alone.

No one wants to watch people sew
Aside from shopping, I'm guessing the extra footage will be of the actual creation of the clothing. That seems to be the part of the show that's always abbreviated because of time, but frankly, I don't think that people watch this show to learn how to craft a proper inseam. They just want to watch the likes of Ping make clothes out of drapes.

Boring designers
The last few seasons have lacked really vibrant personalities on the show, Anthony aside, and there weren't a lot of engaging people (love 'em or hate 'em) like Santino or Austin Scarlett or Christian. Filling an extra half hour by really delving into the personalities of folks like Mila or Kenley just might kill me.

More time for guest judges to bore us
My least favorite thing on this show is when they get starlets or pseudo-starlets to sit on the judging panel and basically offer a critique that amounts to "I'd wear that" or "I wouldn't be caught dead in that." Are we really going to have to hear Megan Fox, or whomever they get this year, try and wax poetic about the fashions?

Models of the Runway exists
For those of us who can't help ourselves, there is already the companion show that focuses on the models and what they do and how the designers get catty when they steal each other's favorite models. That's a half hour tacked on to the 60-minute version, so now the entire series will be two-hours long? Really, show? Really?

Even more commercials for Lifetime movies
It's not that I have anything against the Amish people or movies about them, but being subjected to a constant onslaught of ads for Lifetime movies that I have no intention of ever watching is just too much. I know that commercials will happen no matter what, but sometimes I just can't reach the remote quickly enough and I have to see the latest abused-wife offering that Lifetime is serving up.

Will kill my DVR
Not only will the show extend until 10:30, but it will also now be at 9 PM? On Thursdays? Could there be a worse timeslot? I guess they don't care about people watching in real-time, because there is no way that I'll be able to watch this at 9 PM when I've got Grey's, The Office, Fringe and likely Nikita. Not to mention that it is also against that little CSI show that's on. Hopefully they'll continue airing their late-night repeats, or else it is off to the internet for my PR viewing.

Were you one of the people clambering for more hours of Runway? Or do you not care about these changes since you only watch the Tim Gunn parts of the show anyway? Let us know below.




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