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<I>Degrassi</I>: Why Steal <I>Friday Night Lights</I>‘ Worst Plotline?

We're still depressed about the end of Friday Night Lights and then we started watching the new "Now or Never" arc of Degrassi only to see a very familiar plot from being played out on the teen show. Now we loved FNL, and we love Degrassi, but FNL did make a major misstep with one little tiny murder storyline that dragged down its second season. Out of all the fantastic issues that Lights tackled, why, oh why, did Degrassi choose that one?

I'm summarizing, because I hated the Friday Night Lights subplot so much that I've blocked the intricate details, but the gist was that Tyra was getting raped by a man in a truck, Landry stopped him and in the process, they killed the guy. They both had lots of guilt and ran into issues with people who knew the dead scumbag, which forced Landry to confess to his father (who was a cop). The whole thing basically got resolved in the nicest way possible and was then promptly forgotten about by everyone involved.

On the season premiere of Degrassi, Bianca is in an alley nearly getting raped by an ex-boyfriend, Drew stops him, and Bianca ends up hitting him over the head with a brick. The guy is dead, they run off, and then a gang member tries to induct Drew in order to keep his murderous secret, Drew succumbs to the guilt and doesn't want to deal with the gang dude and confesses to his best friend's father... who is a cop. And the whole thing seemingly gets resolved in the nicest, easiest way possible. (We'll have to see how it plays out, but it certainly doesn't look like he's in juvie in the upcoming trailers).

Sure on some levels Degrassi was less frustrating, because it doesn't seem to be taking up a big chunk of the season with the stupidity, but it's still a ridiculous plotline. Rape is an important issue that is in Degrassi's wheelhouse to deal with. But why include murder? Obviously, it's in self-defense, but couldn't the guy have been disposed of in some other way? Why bring in threats from a thug? Just to have the police arrest him? Now clean cut Drew is going to have some sort of police record? The whole thing just seems needlessly complicated. Do something more impactful instead of this. Make us care about the truly annoying Bianca, and show us this from an emotional side of the story, instead of burying an important subject in a bizarre subplot.

We hope that Degrassi doesn't dwell on this, because for FNL, it's still the one true blemish on an otherwise stellar series. And in the future, maybe Degrassi will borrow some better plots from that show. Might we suggest strippers helping a young girl with her boyfriend issues? Please?

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