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by Angel Cohn April 24, 2008 4:00 pm
I've been giggling about the premise of the new HBO series Hung all morning. Basically it is about a middle-aged man with a bigger than average member who walks softly and decides to use his big stick to get further in life. I'm snickering like a 13-year-old boy instead of the 30-something-year-old woman that I am. Oh no, what if his last name is Johnson. Wait, better yet, what if his name is Dick Johnson. Oh god, that would be so incredible. Sadly, I can't stop myself from laughing, and it is really, depressing because I'm all alone here at TWoP HQ today. So I'm giggling to myself and coming up with lame penis-related jokes. Real mature. Anyway, my excitement and laughter finally died down when I got past the premise and read that one of the masterminds of this um, probing new project was the same guy who created The Riches. Damn it. Such interesting source material from the one person who can make it so boring that I want to gouge my eyes out. Sigh.
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