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Paging Dr. Cuddy . . .

by Lauren Gitlin May 12, 2008 11:54 am
Paging Dr. Cuddy . . . Holy poop you guys. Part one of the TWO-HOUR House finale is tonight. Mayjah. In light of this, I got the chance to talk with Dr. Lisa Cuddy, aka Lisa Edelstein and tried to get her to reveal some dirt about the House double-header. Here's what I learned:

1) Lisa LOVES TWOP. No joke, y'all, it's right here in the transcript: "I love that website!" We love you too, laydee.

2) There will be more exploring what Edelstein calls House and Cuddy's "beautiful, complicated, adult relationship" in the upcoming season five (which they're already filming). To illustrate this point, Edelstein tells me that in the finale -- for which most of the action occurs in House's head after he sustains brain damage in a bus accident -- we get treated to a fantasy sequence in which Dr. Cuddy . . . GASP . . . STRIPS! Edelstein tells me she prepared for the role by taking classes with West Wing actor Richard Schiff's wife Sheila Kelly, who owns a studio called S Factor. "She helped me choreograph the routine. It was a very interesting experience, in terms of learning about how to be sexy without doing it for somebody else," she says. Alas, no current plans for a similar strip fantasy involving House. Really David Shore? Not even for the sake of plot symmetry?

3) Fred Durst guests on the finale, in what capacity I do not know. Edelstein tells me she didn't do any scenes with him but says that on set he seemed nice enough. Wonder if he drew on the acting expertise he honed in that awesome sex tape of his? I ask Lisa who among House's long and varied list of guest stars she loved working with most, to which she replies, "I thought Samantha Morton was wonderful, David Morse was amazing. Joel Grey -- that was exciting just because I've seen Cabaret like eighty times." When I ask who she would love to have on the show, she reveals that she'd lobbied to have Clint Eastwood play House's dad back in the first season, but it had already been cast. Ass.

4) As for as cliffhangers, Edelstein reveals that by the end of the two-parter we'll be left questioning the future of House's relationships with both Cuddy and Wilson. OMG! Menage a trois?




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