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No Such Thing as Bad Press

by Zach Oat July 24, 2008 10:30 am
No Such Thing as Bad Press

Hey, remember those ads for Gossip Girl's first season that showed the teenage cast members totally getting it on? Well, the CW is stepping it up for the next season -- not only will the underage girls look even more orgasmic, but the previous campaign's "OMFG" tagline will be replaced by quotes from the press about the show... just not the glowing, sex-centric quotes you might expect.

In a brilliant bit of marketing, the posters will sport negative quotes from various respectable media outlets. The Boston Herald says that Blake Lively's Serena, wearing a bra and getting nuzzled by somebody, is "Every parent's nightmare." And Ed Westwick's Chuck feeding a girl a cherry is "very bad for you," according to the San Diego Union Tribune. (That's funny -- I thought cherries contained cholesterol-lowering anthocyanins.)

Supposedly, other ads will show characters making out "on a couch, in the sack or apparently skinny-dipping" and will call the show "a nasty piece of work" and "mind-blowingly inappropriate." If that doesn't get every teenager in America to watch it (the ones that aren't already), I don't know what will. Maybe if the show were somehow made illegal?

[FYI, The CW brass decided to start streaming episodes from the first season online again, giving you two full months to acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with the show in anticipation of season two's September premiere. Holler! -- Lauren]




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