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Poehler Position: Not on <i>Saturday Night Live</i> Any More

As you may have seen, Amy Poehler is leaving Saturday Night Live. Not only is she becoming a for-real "baby mama" with her husband Will Arnett, but once that's over she's gonna be starring in the new show from the creators of The Office. First of all, congratulations, Amy! The offspring of you and Arnett will be hysterically adorable, and your new show will be adorably hysterical. Second of all, this sucks. SNL just got a lot less adorable, and a whole lot less hysterical.

Not only do we lose Amy's spot-on impersonations of Sharon Osbourne and Hillary Clinton (not that that one really matters much anymore), but we lose her as half of the "Weekend Update" news team, leaving only the smug pomposity of Seth Meyers. (Just kidding, we love you, Seth.) Additionally, we lose any chance that there will be another episode of New Yawk's own community talk show, "Bronx Beat," now that both Poehler and her co-host Maya Rudolph have gone the way of the dodo. While it was unlikely the two would have reunited anyway, it was their off-topic, but on-target questioning style -- like the time that they guessed at Jake Gyllenhaal's Native American ancestry, as seen in the clip below -- that kept the sketch from descending into an annoying accentapalooza:

Interestingly, her other greatest character was also semi-retired after the departure of a fellow SNLer. As the braces-wearing 10-year-old drama queen Kaitlin, Poehler was at her most adorable when dancing around Horatio Sanz as her mom's boyfriend Rick, and saying his name over and over and over. Yeah, she could get a little annoying, but it was the way that Poehler perfectly channeled how annoying a ten-year-old can be -- and then change their mind on a dime -- that made us love the character so much, like in this clip:

So, now that we think about it... Godspeed, Amy. You've created some great characters, lampooned a major political figure (two, if you count Dennis Kucinich) and, with all of your best collaborators gone (Sanz, Rudolph, Tina Fey), maybe it's time you went out and did something even more awesome. Besides, if being on SNL couldn't even get Spring Breakdown released in theaters, it's not all it's cracked up to be.




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