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by Lauren Gitlin November 13, 2008 4:50 pm
Define Fascinating That crazy old broad Babs Walters is at it again with her Ten Most Fascinating People of 2008 thingy. This year's lineup is fairly predictable, and I'm gonna go ahead and agree with roughly half of her choices, those being:

Tina Fey This one's a no-brainer. She is ubiquitous and awesome, two traits that are almost always mutually exclusive.

Michael Phelps Dude is a superhero. And he can almost eat as much as me. Almost.

Frank Langella This guy is one of those real actor-y actor types. He will win an Oscar this year for playing Nixon in Frost/Nixon or my name isn't Sally Struthers. Also, am I the only one who watched that show Unscripted? He ruled in that.

Then there are the really stupid ones:

Will Smith Fascinating only inasmuch as he has been able to pretend like he is straight for all these years.

Tom Cruise Not fascinating unless he decides to reveal the secrets of Xenu.

Miley Cyrus You know my thoughts on her. Just no.

Rush Limbaugh For real? Is it 2003 and I forgot? Who cares about this guy except for the Oxycontin dealer who took a hit when he went to rehab?

I like how they're waiting to announce who the #1 person is, like it's all mysterious. Obvi it is Obama, right? Or maybe Sarah Palin? Or St. Angie Jo? Yeah I guess it could be a few people huh? Who do you think it is? I want answers!




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