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TV Characters You Should Follow on Twitter

by Ashley Chervinski December 16, 2011 11:27 am
TV Characters You Should Follow on Twitter

It's already time for the mid-season break, which means we won't be seeing most of our favorite characters until January (or, in the case of Community, who knows when...) Fortunately, many of them have learned how to be web savvy in TV land, though and we can follow them on Twitter now! Here are a few worth keeping up with over the holidays.

Barney Stinson, How I Met Your Mother
We probably don't want to know what exactly goes on in the Fortress of Brotitude, but the guy who occupies it is surprisingly pretty funny when delivered in small, 140-character doses.
Best Tweet: "Tonight on 'How I Met That Hot Stripper Who Turned Out To Be The Mother of a Girl I Banged Last Week,' I make the worst bet ever."

Dean Pelton, Community
Okay, so the Dean might not tweet often (and when he does, it's usually Greendale-related problems like a potential "bomb bot" threat) but this is the same Twitter that broke the images of Jeff and the Dean doing karaoke. Who knows what could happen over Greendale's extended winter break.
Best Tweet: "Fantabulous day at the mall hangin wit @JeffWingerAtLaw. Dat boy can SING!!! #kissfromarose #AnniesMove"

Erin Hannon, The Office
Erin's screentime has only been awkward, annoying sexual tension with Andy lately, but you can't deny she's the cutest, most clueless receptionist ever. Follow Erin's Twitter for all the sunny jokes and hijinks we don't see on TV, like Meredith getting busted for watching porn at work.
Best Tweet: "Someone stole my identity! I'm so flattered!"

Jess, New Girl
Want to know what weird, awkward, interesting thoughts are running through Jess's brain at any given time? Look no further than her Twitter feed, which will give you gems like her nicknames for the guys (Mr. Suspenders, Earthworm and Uncle Dumpling).
Best Tweet: "Lunching in the teacher lounge is like discovering a really fun group of aging wizards who can teach you anything."

Kim Kardashian, Everything on E!
She's got over 11 million followers and how many shows on E!? Surely she's got something interesting to tweet...
Best Tweet: "never thought I would ever hear myself say this...but I kinda want an iphone! Just as a second phone. Iphones seem more youthful! lol"

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation
The deputy director of the parks department (and best customer at J.J.'s Diner) never takes a break, as evidenced by how often she tweets. Hopefully we can get a glimpse into her holidays with human disaster Ben over the break.
Best Tweet: "A nice glass of red, their Hogwarts acceptance letter and for Shauna Malwae-Tweep to drop off the face of the earth. #whatwomenwant"

Rachel Berry, Glee
Yeah, yeah, Rachel can be super annoying and full of herself, but there's nothing better than her tweets asking why others are laughing at her. Plus, at least here we don't have to hear her sing all the time.
Best Tweet: "Wait, I thought being a 'brown nose' meant you had nice coloring. You guys are mean."

Stefon, Saturday Night Live
NYC's hottest club kid's appearances on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update might not come often enough, but here you can keep up with his suggestions on how to use a human kite properly and even ask him which new hotspot to check out. Bonus: Stefon totally follows you back.
Best Tweet: "@thatfierceone Try Harpo in Chicago. Upon arrival everyone gets a free car battery. Also lookout! Is that Bob Saget? No its Chinese Will Smith"

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