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Community: Law & Disorder

by Ethan Alter April 27, 2012 9:34 am
<i>Community</i>: Law & Disorder

"Basic Lupine Urology" (a sly Dick Wolf reference) was the title of last night's Community episode, but they probably should have just gone ahead and called it Advanced Law & Order Studies. Because that was about as spot-on a spoof as we've seen from this show -- or, indeed, any series -- in recent memory. If we're being honest, we probably laughed more at the Ken Burns parody from a few weeks back, but execution-wise, this one both recreated and sent up its source material with the kind of expert precision that can only come with years of wasted nights and weekends watching marathons of Law & Order repeats.

The central case involved the "murder" of the study group's yam, which they were growing as an assignment for their biology class. Besides being a funny idea on its own terms, this storyline also allowed for the overdue return of Michael Kenneth Williams as Professor Kane -- who has been MIA since the first part of Season 3 -- and made room for cameos by other Greendale favorites as well, including Todd, Magnitude and, of course, the late, great Star-Burns (RIP). And hey, Michael Ironside! Credit episode writer Megan Ganz with giving everyone in the ensemble at least one killer line. Here's a round-up of each character's best quote and which group of Greendale students they belong to: the "goofballs that run around stirring up trouble" or the "eggheads who make a big deal out of it." Dun-dun!

Egghead or Goofball? Goofball
Best Line: "We agreed to withhold that information as part of a... pinky swear with the witness."

Egghead or Goofball? Goofball
Best Line: "You're telling me after all this our suspect is going to slip away on the technicality that we're not police?"

Egghead or Goofball? Egghead
Best Line: "A passing grade?! Like a C? Why don't I just get pregnant at a bus station?"

Egghead or Goofball? Goofball
Best Line: "You don't order ketchup! It's a condiment!"

Shirley Egghead or Goofball? Egghead
Best Line: "He's right. You're not cops."

Egghead or Goofball? Goofball
Best Line: "I fell asleep in a sunbeam."

Egghead or Goofball? Egghead
Best Line: "I can also help! As a psych major I could pro--"

Egghead or Goofball? Egghead
Best Line: "She offered to give me her only possession -- a wooden chair -- but I refused. I was only doing my duty and we had plenty of chairs at the base."

Dean Pelton
Egghead or Goofball? Goofball
Best Line: "I'm inclined to agree with the man in uniform."

Professor Kane
Egghead or Goofball? Egghead
Best Line: What else? "A man's gotta have a code." Aw yeah. (Non Wire-related runner-up: "Objection, I hate the both of you." Non Wire- related runner-up to the runner-up: "Holy crap! We are definitely dissecting pine cones next year.")

Egghead or Goofball? Goofball
Best Line: "I can both see and hear you."

Fat Neil
Egghead or Goofball? Egghead
Best Line: "Vicky's yam never sprouted and I didn't want her to fail so I threw off the grading curve so she wouldn't have to go to summer school and we could finally have sex in my parents' cabin. God forgive me, I did it for love!"

Egghead or Goofball? Goofball
Best Line: "Hey, that's mine!" (Yes, that was even better than "Pop, pop.")

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