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Talking Funny: If Only They Were…

by F. John Rickert April 23, 2011 6:30 am
<i>Talking Funny</i>: If Only They Were…

There's definitely something appealing about the idea of hanging out with a bunch of really funny people. Not only are you probably going to have a laugh, but you'll probably get to feel a little bit funnier by proximity. However, when you let Ricky Gervais, Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis C.K. - who could each justifiably be labeled as brilliant -- get together for some light chit-chat about what makes them so funny, you end up with something that's more egotistical, self-congratulatory and smug than, you know, humorous. In case you didn't tune in to the premiere airing of this awkwardly edited conversational circle jerk, here are some of the more outstanding insights of the night:

Seinfeld finds audiences judgmental: "No one is more judged in civilized society then a comedian. Every twelve seconds you are judged."

Gervais really opened up on his lack of a defining shtick: "I don't feel I've got a thing. Chris has got black but... you know he's rich and educated, hardly Kunta Kinte."

C.K. recounted some advice Seinfeld gave him several years ago: "The F-word is like a Corvette... a flashy piece of shit."

Seinfeld confessed his passion for comedy comes from an unlikely place: "I love jokes."

Rock provided us with the answer to why Louis C.K. can say the most politically incorrect things: "He's the blackest white guy I fuckin' know... the most n*****est fuckin' white man."

Seinfeld thinks comics are more in touch with primal emotions than regular folks: "I think we deal with fear almost more viscerally than anyone."

Gervais worries that ordinary people might start trying to tell jokes: "What if they discover they can do it themselves?"

C.K.'s favorite joke to sing in the shower from a comedian whose name he can't even remember: [to the tune of Dock of the Bay] "Sittin' on a cock 'cus I'm gay..."

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