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<I>High School Musical</I> Hating, Everyone’s Doing It

Now that the elections are over, everyone's desperate to find something else to make fun of. It only makes sense that the juggernaut franchise High School Musical is the target that's currently the top pick. There's just so much to parody: the cheesy songs, the earnest performances, Corbin Bleu's odd hair, why there's a character named Sharpay, etc. Not to mention that every teen in the country is gaga for it.

I wasn't surprised that South Park jumped on the bandwagon this week (you can watch the full episode here.) Their "Elementary School Musical" was spot-on, and brilliantly used the existing songs with a twist in lyrics. If you haven't seen the movies, it's probably not as entertaining. But even though it's been a while since I spent any quality time with Cartman, Stan, Kenny and Kyle, it was nice to see they haven't lost their spark.

The more unexpected HSM treat came in the form of Bruce Willis on Letterman last night, who was on to tout his cameo appearance alongside teen heartthrob Zac Efron. I'm not sure I can accurately explain the clip that Willis brought with him, but it is pretty entertaining, and Willis' thoughts on his "role" are pretty creative. He's done a true character study.

Check out an excerpt from South Park and the clip of Letterman below, and then let us know what you think. Game on!

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